RoboSAM is a powerful anti-virus tool


  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Intelligence


  • Does not offer firewall protection

RoboSAM is a powerful anti-virus tool

RoboSAM is a powerful tiny program for removing viruses, worms, and all kinds of malware from your PC. RoboSAM does not rely on malware definitions to detect malwares. The powerful scan engine has 99% detection efficiency and can scan with a blazing fast speed of about 600 files/second on an Intel 2GHz processor. It can protect usb drives from malwares, pre-scan PC on start, recover hidden/system files, and much more.

- USB Shield to protect usb drives from malwares - Startup pre-scan - Voice assistance - Automatic drive scans - Hidden/System files recovery - Automatic deletion of junk files - Safely open usb drives - Advanced super-fast malware scanning

RoboSAM's greatest innovation is that it does not require the use of malware signatures for detections and is accurate to a large extent in malware detection. RoboSAM is perfect for those with slow or no internet connection and is very simple, fast, and accurate compared to others. RoboSAM's intelligence enables it to detect new malwares by studying program behaviors and appearance of new files.

This program is for you if you want something simple, fast and effective especially if you have little or not internet connection or you do not want the hassle of having to update your anti-virus program all the time.



RoboSAM 1.4